Providence, RI


Bring back common sense to the State Senate

I'm a native Rhode Islander, originally from Newport; I lived on Aquidneck Island until I moved to our beautiful state capital where I enjoyed Providence’s thriving culinary and arts base. I eventually moved to Cranston where I enjoyed all the amenities the city has to offer. After my first child was born I started getting involved in as many local charities and other organizations as possible.


I have worked in an Engineer Department since age fifteen when I was fortunate enough to be selected for a school work program offered through the Newport Area Career Technical Center. I have since worked at companies including KVH Industries, Lockheed Martin, Rotork Inc., Lytron Inc., and currently Taco Inc located in Cranston. I am grateful to be working at one of Rhode Islands' largest success stories.  


I have since looked to take my involvement within the community to the next level by serving as District 27's State Senator. Starting in 2015 I announced I was running for the seat, personally walking over 700 miles and knocking on 8,000 doors. I returned in 2018 with the same goal. I look to restore everyone's faith in local politics and bring back a common sense approach to key issues facing our state. Most important to me above all is serving strictly according to the Rhode Island State Constitution, and provide a fiscally responsible approach to future state budgets and project funding.

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