I will stand with you against this tired and broken system we call our state government. I will owe my vote to no one except the fine people reside in Senate district 27 Cranston/West Warwick. Like you, I have had enough with lifelong politicians who serve only the special interests and fully support limiting both House and Senate to a maximum of 5 terms. 

Rhode Island has been ranked among the lowest Economy in the country for almost a decade. This calls for us to cut our taxes all around in order to allow prosperity within our state. I call for a Zero Based Budget approach and stand for an End to Corporate Welfare as the means to attract new businesses to Rhode Island. We must level the playing field for all businesses in Rhode Island and allow for organic economic growth.


I will stand on the principles of our state constitution and not that of the special interest. This would apply to the state legislative grants. Article VI Section 11 proves that how legislative grants are distributed is unconstitutional. The government has been perverted through campaign donations, and the legislature is full of kickbacks for the donors and/or their affiliations. This hurts our economy and does not help us in District 27. We must have more external ethical oversight of our legislative body and grant a longer public awareness period for legislation.


I will fight to repeal the prepared food and beverage tax that only hurts local restaurants along with lowering our sales tax from 7% to 3%. The Tax and Spend policies of the last 80 years must come to an end. The working families of Rhode Island cannot afford the irresponsible spending from our General Assembly. It is time that we stop funding this failed experiment and return to an approach that benefits all Rhode Islanders and not only the connected wealthy.

Quality of Life

I fully believe that we should have the safest and most enjoyable community possible. This can be improved through updated local state parks and curbing unsafe traffic conditions. As District 27's State Senator I will work towards updating local state parks and direct funding to promote projects like road dieting and extended sidewalks in order to organically slow traffic speed violators.​